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  Dear Senior  
    A letter from the editors of For Seniors Only.
College Loans And Financial Aid  
    Being accepted into the college of your choice is a hollow victory if you can't come up with the funds to pay for it. Be a smart shopper. Research all your financial aid options.
You're Eligible For Financial Aid  
    Assume you're eligible, but follow instructions carefully. Simple mistakes could disqualify your application.
Think Nursing  
    Think nursing is simply nursing? Think again...
Introduction To The College Experience  
    College is hard work. Good grades can make a difference with employers.
Be_Prepared! The College Move  
    Most students will be living away from home for the first time - in a pantry size room, with a total stranger.
College Timetable & Checklist  
    The selection of the right college for you is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. This will help make it easier.
Interview! Interview! Interview!  
    You've sent out all of your applications, now make the most of your interview. It can be a rewarding experience.
The College Fair  
    Admissions representatives are only passing through. Make the most of this one day event.
Easing The Transition To College  
    Coming to college is part of the process of finding your way as an adult, to becoming a serious, thinking human being.
Quick Tips On Applying To College  
    Ten tips to make the college application process easier.
Campus Safety And The College Freshman  
    By following these security tips, college students can make themselves less vulnerable to an emergency on campus.
College At A Distance  
    You chat with friends online. You study online. You game online. Could you actually go to school online? YES!
Your Dorm Room  
    What to bring; What to leave home.
A Two Year College May Be Right For You  
    A good two-year college record should enable you to get into a higher quality institution, that you could have directly from high school.
Stay Sharp For The SATs  
    The SATs can cause a lot of stress. There are some simple things to keep in mind that will help you stay sharp.

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