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    Your Dorm Room:
What To Bring, What To Leave At Home
    Dawn Burns Smith  

As a campus housing specialist, Dawn Smith hears it all. In helping students settle into residence halls, she has developed a keen sense for what is and is not needed for on-campus living. To help students and their parents avoid packing too much or too little for the big move to campus, Smith offers a check list of things to bring and suggestions about what to leave at home. She says roommates should discuss sharing the responsibility for bringing such items as televisions, telephones, rugs and audio equipment.


    Things To Bring  

Housing assignment information
Social Security card
Insurance policy (medical, dental, auto and homeowner) information, including policy name and number, contact and phone number

School and Desk Supplies
Backpack or book bag
Calculator and ruler
Calendar or planner
Computer and printer
Dictionary, thesaurus, writers guide
Envelopes and stamps
Glue and scissors
Highlighters, pens and pencils
Desk lamp
Stapler and staples

Personal Hygiene And Health Care Supplies
Blow dryer, brush and comb
Contact lenses and solution
First aid kit
Hair care products
Nail clippers
Prescription and over-the-counter medicine
Shaving cream and razor
Soap and soap dish
Tissues, cotton balls and swabs
Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
Vitamins and supplements

Clothing and Footwear
Bathing suit
Bathrobe and pajamas
Clothes (seasonal)
Socks and underwear
Shoes, boots and sneakers
Slippers and flip-flops for shower

CDs, audiotapes and videotapes
TV, VCR, radio, stereo

Alarm clock
Bedding supplies: comforter or bedspread, pillow and sheets (extra long)
Can and bottle opener
Cleaning supplies
Clothes hangers
Cups, plates, utensils and napkins
Extension cord (less than six feet long) with surge protector and power strip
Laundry bag or basket and detergent
Quarters for laundry
Posters, room decorations, Fun Tack
Shower caddy or bucket to carry personal products
Study pillow for bed
Sunglasses and eyeglasses
Towels and wash cloths
Under-bed storage boxes (12-inch clearance)


    Leave At Home  
Hot pots that don't automatically shut off when empty
Candles and incense
Wall hangings made of burlap or other flammable material
Extension cords exceeding six feet
Halogen torchiere lamp

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