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    Stay Sharp For The SATs
    Jean Wilhott  

Which is most scary?

  1. That congealed mass in back of the top shelf in the cafeteria food line.
  2. Going to the homecoming dance alone.
  3. Leaving the homecoming dance alone.
  4. A Phys Ed teacher with a tattoo that says "Babycrusher"
  5. Taking the SAT or PSAT

For many people, all of the above can cause a lot of stress. But taking tests such as the SAT or PSAT can really flame up the anxiety. Still, they don't have to turn you into an ulcer factory. There are some simple things to keep in mind that will help you stay sharp. Both in preparation for the test and while actually taking it.

Get Together What You Need
Have plenty of sharp pencils with good erasers. Make sure they're marked #2. Number 2 pencil marks show up best to the computer that is going to score your test. Check with the rules to see if you can bring calculators, rulers or other tools.

Don't Overstudy
Don't try to learn the answer to every question. Just learn the "thinking process" involved in solving each type of question.

Get Plenty Of Rest
You know what you're like in the first class on Monday mornings. Don't let yourself be tired at the test, too. Take the evening before the test off; don't study.

Stay Alert
Long hours at the desk can make you stiff and tired. Take breaks during studying. Get up and stretch during study breaks and between sections of the test.

Keep Your Perspective
Sure the test is important, but don't let it rule your life. If you aren't happy with your score this time, you can take the test again. And then you'll have an idea of what to expect and how to approach it.

These tips don't guarantee you'll get a high score, but they might help assure that you are as sharp as your pencils and you'll do your best. Good luck on the test. Then, once you're done with that, good luck identifying that congealed mass in the cafeteria.


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