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    Be Prepared! The College Move
    Melanie and Joseph Sponholz
  The Princeton Review College Companion

For more than two million students who enter college each year, the leap from high school to higher ed brings challenges, responsibilities and experiences that can be wonderful and not-so-wonderful. Most will be living away from home for the first time (facing life in a pantry-sized room with a total stranger). Your coursework will be more demanding than ever. You'll face new-found freedoms, social experiences and choices that are as liberating as they can be daunting. Getting advance advice on how to do college right is the key to easing this transition and maximizing the exciting opportunities ahead.


    Before leaving home:  

1. Call your roommate-to-be. Get acquainted early and discuss what you're each bringing. (No need for two refrigerators when one (ideally, the biggest) will do!)

2. Ship a few boxes ahead. You'll have more room in the family car-or less to carry on the plane!

3. Handy (often forgotten) things to pack: A power strip, extension cords, hammer & screwdriver, hanging shoe rack, underbed storage boxes, and a desk lamp (or bed light).

4. Call the bursar's office. Check ahead to be sure your tuition (or loan) check has been received and you're clear to register for classes.

    After arriving on Campus:  

5. Absolutely, positively attend the orientation activities and parties. Join in, be a sport- you'll find friends a lot faster!

6. Scope out where your classes are. Walk through your daily schedule so you know before classes begin how long it takes to get from English Comp to Econ 101.

7. Take care of money matters. Open a savings & checking account with a local bank. Also find the nearest ATM.

8. Have a "ground rules" chat with your roommate. You'll each be glad you took the time to work out a plan to accomodate each other's study, sleeping, eating and CD-blasting habits!


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