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    Temporary Employment:
A Golden Opportunity
    Thomas Low, President
  Aubrey Thomas Temporaries

Due to the ever increasing career and job opportunities available to both men and women, career decisions are tougher to make than ever before. The selection numbers in virtually the hundreds for our nation's graduating students.

Many recent graduates would be wise to consider temporary employment as their initial introduction into the job market. Today more than one million Americans a week choose temporary work, bringing home an estimated $8.6 billion annual payroll.

Temporary work has come a long way from its beginnings after the World War II induced  labor shortages, and it is now  recognized as  a  practical employment choice for many.

One of the most basic reasons why temporary work is ideal for students and new graduates is because it allows you to vary job experiences quickly. Such opportunities uniquely allow the employee to test the waters, so to speak, in a wide variety of fields and potential careers that he or she may never have considered. This initial exposure could even open up a door to one's lifetime career.

Similarly, temporary work affords the golden opportunity to sample either a chosen career path or a fantasy career path without making any long-term commitments. Like an internship while in school, temporary employment provides you with the chance to put into practice what  you  have learned in school - and get paid for it.

This brings us to the next two advantages of temporary employ-ment from your point of view. Such employment provides you with a way to earn money quickly while at the same time reducing job seeking costs and expenses.

Moreover, temporary employees, we have learned,value the flexible hours this unique arrangement affords them and the freedom it provides compared to traditional job constraints. For example, if you want to attend classes on a part-time basis to further your education or career, a temporary job could be worked around your class schedule much more easily than it could around a permanent assignment.

One last obvious but often overlooked advantage to temporary employment is the fact that it can serve as a quick route to building one's resume. Varied job experience is often very attractive to employers. It shows individual initiative and a general motivation on the part of the job candidate.

It has been reported that in the decade ahead, temporary jobs will be a major factor in the health of our nation's economy, and the outlook is positive for the temporary employment industry, benefiting both those at work and those organizations that hire temporaries. Already, temporary help has become an anticipated and important part of productive company planning. Companies budget for core personnel needed for normal periods and for temporary workers needed to cover busier-than-usual times.

We hope it is clear that good opportunities exist through temporary employment. And while skilled clerical help, a much-in-demand sector, still constitutes the majority of the temporary employee population, the industry has expanded and diversified a great deal. Presently, it places workers in positions in such highly specialized, professional areas as data and word processing, health care, technical and light industrial, accounting, legal and financial and others.

According to the National Association of Temporary Services, one out of every 109 people employed in the U. S. business sector was a temporary employee. And the temporary service industry as a whole is forecast for continued growth as employers and employees alike recognize the many advantages offered by the industry.

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