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    Dear Graduate:

You are now approaching graduation, and along with all the nostalgic elements attached to this event, there is a good deal of planning for your future that awaits you. Our goal, in publishing FOR GRADUATES ONLY, is to bring you a substantial amount of information in one place that you might have to seek in many, and in some cases, might never find. We have attempted to give assistance to both students looking toward further education or entering the job market.

We sincerely hope that your graduation from college is a true commencement - the beginning of a very successful life. We believe that we can make a contribution to your future by bringing to your attention various avenues that you might travel and paths that you may take to get there in today's global marketplace.

Of course, there may be further questions that you will have. Please use the Reader Service Cards that are in the magazine to obtain further information, and see your advisor or counselor for additional assistance.

We are here to help make the transition from two-year college to four-year college, the careerplace, technical college or the military as smooth as possible for you. Good Luck!

The Editors


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